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Hi! My name is Luke McManus and I'm an Australian physiotherapist living in Toronto, Canada.

I created Physio Journeys to help support new and recent graduate physiotherapists (as well as experienced clinicians) to plan and create a highly successful and rewarding physiotherapy career.

I believe physiotherapists are uniquely positioned to not just help people rehabilitate from musculoskeletal pain and injury, but also to improve the health and well being of many people in the community through their lifespan.

Unfortunately, many physiotherapists face challenges in seeing a clear career path that allows them to align with their core values while supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

From my 17 years of experience in clinical practice in both Australia and now Canada, I aim to share what I've learned to help physiotherapists in their clinical development, career satisfaction while reducing the risk of burnout that many health practitioners face.

I believe that working as a physiotherapist should be fun and rewarding. With the right planning, your career could be exactly what you hope it to be; a noble endeavour that supports a healthy life for you and your patients.

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Luke McManus

Luke is an Australian physiotherapist in Toronto, Canada. He has been working in clinical practice since 2005 and is passionate about improving the longevity and quality of physiotherapists' careers.