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Plan Your Best Physiotherapy Career

Experienced support for a thriving, rewarding and enjoyable sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy career that best suits your lifestyle.


Physio Journeys aims to help support physiotherapists create and enjoy a long and successful career.

Meet Luke McManus

Luke is a CAMPT-Certified physiotherapist in Ontario, Canada and also a registered musculoskeletetal physiotherapist in Australia.

He has been working in clinical practice since 2005 and is passionate about improving the longevity and quality of physiotherapists' careers.

Luke's university qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) from Curtin University in 2005
  • Master of Manual Therapy (University of Western Australia) in 2012

Luke created Physio Journeys in an effort to support physiotherapists to enjoy a thriving career while minimizing health practitioner burnout.

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